Recommended Operation Ahead of Recall Launch
FCA US LLC has announced a safety recall on select 2019 through 2020 model years DJ-RAM 2500 and DJ-RAM 3500 pickups equipped with 6-speed automatic 68RFE transmission (Sales Code DG7)
What you need to know about the operation of your vehicle ahead of the recall launch:
1) Do not exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle. If you have any questions about the towing capacity of your vehicle please go to: RAM TRUCKS TOWING GUIDE

2) While driving frequently monitor the transmission temperature while in operation using the gauges available on the instrument cluster. If transmission temperature exceeds 210 degrees F, immediately proceed to a safe location to park the vehicle and allow the transmission temperature to cool to less than 190 degrees F.


3) To help maintain lower transmission temperatures during operation: 
    a. Do not use the vehicle for static pulling, such as stump removal or freeing other vehicles that are stuck. 
    b. Avoid deep mud or sandy terrain. 
    c. Snow plowing should be performed with the vehicle in the Transfer Case 4Low position. Do not snow plow in the 2WD or 4Hi drive mode.
    d. If towing below 25mpg for more than 60 seconds, only use the transfer case 4Low drive mode.
    e. Do not use the throttle as a hill-hold function: use service brake if necessary to hold the vehicle stationary on grade. 
    f. Verify Correct air pressure for all tires on the vehicle and trailer. 
    g. In teh event the engine or transmission malfunction indicator lamp illuminates AND the transmission is automatically shifted to and remaining in 4th gear, immediately proceed to a safe location to park the vehicle and have vehicles towed to an authorized repair facility 

Please feel free to contact us with any question. (661) 948-8411
Thank you