Steps to Take When Your Windshield Breaks

A cracked windshield happens from time to time, and it does require immediate action. If you notice a crack in your windshield, then you should take the following immediate actions.

1) Stop and assess how the cracked windshield impacts your visibility. If your visibility is impaired, then you should immediately stop your car before having it towed to a repair shop. You should not drive if you cannot see.

2) If your car is still drivable, then review your auto insurance plan in regards to how it covers broken windshields. Also, review your auto warranty and consider bringing your car into the service center

3) Avoid the inclination to patch up your windshield yourself. These home windshield repair kits may not properly address the problem. If there is an underlying issue in your windshield and it goes unfixed, it may lead to more significant damage down the road.

The best step is to bring your car into the service center of our dealership at Hunter Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Lancaster, CA. Trained experts are available to service and, if needed, replace your windshield.

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