Assure That You Get the Greatest Gas Mileage That You Can

So when exactly do tires need to get replaced? Rotated? Aligned? Balanced? Tires don't expire, obviously, but they don't last forever. One way to tell if they are near or at the end of their life is if you do a little test. If you seemingly insert a penny into the tread (head first) and you can see the head, then they probably should get replaced. Your tires should get rotated every time you get an oil change to ensure that they are wearing properly. And if your vehicle feels like it "shudders" when you drive down the road, then they need to get balanced. They will need to get aligned if the tread is not wearing evenly. If you take the time to properly maintain your tires, then they will last as long as they were intended to and you will get the best gas mileage that you possibly can. For more on tires, contact us at Hunter Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Lancaster, CA.

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