Dodge Unleashes Its New, Most Powerful Challenger Variant in NYC



Ladies and gentlemen, Dodge has done it again. After the SRT Hellcat set the benchmark for world’s most powerful muscle car, they’ve one-upped themselves with the 840 horsepower, 2018 SRT Demon. After a long campaign of teasers, it was unveiled for the world at the New York International Auto Show this past week.

While an 840-hp muscle car is an insane-enough prospect, the tech that went into it is more so. While we’ll leave the breakdown for the deep dive video above, we can tell you that Dodge engineers upgraded some of the 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8’s components to achieve not just that lofty horsepower rating, but also 770 lb-ft of torque. With a quarter mile time sitting at 9.65 seconds, and 0-60 sprints happening at 2.3 seconds, this street legal vehicle is the first-ever production, stock muscle car to hit these lofty benchmarks.

More information on availability, pricing, and insurance coverage for this new Dodge is forthcoming. But if a slightly less potent model is more your speed, there are plenty to choose from at our Lancaster, CA dealership. Contact us to learn more about them, and schedule your test drive.

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